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School is in Session!

New School year has begun! Whether you kids are home-schooled or are in a traditional school setting, school can be stressful. Especially in the beginning when a lot of work is assigned and kids can feel overwhelmed to the point of suffocation and panic attacks. How can you help them? What do they need? Just buck up?

First of all you need to understand your child, they are all different! Some kids will figure out quickly how to manage, this is rare. Others need a little assistance with organization and others need a lot of assistance in coping. Let's talk about the later.

When you observe your precious, studious child crying or finding it hard to breathe while doing homework, check with them. Ask them what they are feeling/thinking at that moment. Let them just listen. That is part of the help, just letting them feel heard. Next, help them breathe deeper with breathing skills. Staying calm is very important so that kids can think rationally.

Breathing Skills:blowing bubbles

stuffed animal breathing- lay on your back and breathe in and out with a stuffed animal on your tummy

use a pinwheel

blow up a balloon

Next, normalize what is happening. Kids all over the world are experiencing what they are experiencing. The kids in their classroom are also feeling overwhelmed. This takes some pressure off.

Next, address each issue they mentioned as best you can. Ask teachers for help, get a calendar for planning and organizing, watch tutorials on something they don't understand, etc.

Lastly, reassure them that this will calm down and to be pleased with their best effort. Calming down the drive for perfection needs to be emphasized. We can only expect our children's best effort not anything more.

Children are a Gift

It is getting more and more complicated raising children, so here are just some helpful thoughts to get you through the day.

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