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Broken children

Our society has become more accepting of divorce...this is not news to you I am sure. What might be news to you is the true effects of this separation on children. "Children are resilient" this phrase is thrown around quite a bit. In the simplest terms- it means children can move on quicker than adults in certain circumstances. This is not necessarily true. Fact: Children are not as able to put their feelings and emotions into words as adults are. Fact: Children may not be showing their emotions but they are feeling them and in turn will effect their daily life. If you or someone you know are going through a divorce please share this advise. Know that your kids are suffering, whether they are exhibiting it or not. I don't say this to scare anyone, but to encourage you to be honest with yourselves for the sake of your children.

What can you do to help your children? If there is any possible stay together then make that help. There are some truly amazing couples therapist that are eager to help. If not, then be open and honest with your children. Point out the constants in their life, the things that are not going to change. Encourage open communication and allow room for expression of emotions, like anger and sadness. And lastly...I can not stress this not say or act negatively towards or about the other parent. Children still love both parents and are torn between the two. Talking negative about the other only increases the war inside them. Children are a gift from God let's not throw that away.

Children are a Gift

It is getting more and more complicated raising children, so here are just some helpful thoughts to get you through the day.

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