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Hope after trauma

My daughter recently took a terrible fall that knocked 4 of her baby teeth out. It was ever bit as bloody and gruesome as you can imagine. She bounced back after a couple days. Me on the other hand...I continued to have her little face and bloody mouth flash in my head. Each time, my stomach would turn and my heart would hurt. I felt sadness and guilty...obviously as a mom we always feel invincible like we should be able to prevent major things like this! I knew I could process this emotion myself...because I am trained and it was mild enough and I did!

Experiencing any type of trauma can leave us feeling a number of different emotions. But, by definition, we are left drowning in those emotions. We have unprocessed emotions that are "stuck" in our brains...scientifically speaking. There is HOPE for you if you are experiencing any of this. EMDR is a therapy that was created for PTSD, it gets you "unstuck" and takes those emotions that bring the flashbacks and nightmares away! No one has to relive those traumas to work through them. I rarely get flashbacks of the event and if I do there is no pain in my stomach or emotional sadness. All this to don't have to live with these emotions impacting your interactions with others or your life.

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Children are a Gift

It is getting more and more complicated raising children, so here are just some helpful thoughts to get you through the day.

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