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Brushing my teeth while eating oreos...

Often when I am cleaning the house and my girls are with me I feel like I am trying to brush my teeth while eating Oreos! It sometimes seems impossible. When cleaning, I think, I can do this faster and better if they were, say outside! Then I give them jobs that will get them out from under my feet and just try to get it done quickly. I had to stop myself and remind myself to slooow....down. This is not a race and does not have to be perfect. Isn't it more important that I teach them how to clean and view it as spending time together. Kids can be a big help if we teach them how to help. They will probably not do it the way we want them to, but it is ok to allow them to do it their way as long as they get it done. So hand them a broom, dust rag or toilet brush (with gloves) and let the fun begin.

Children are a Gift

It is getting more and more complicated raising children, so here are just some helpful thoughts to get you through the day.

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