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There is HOPE for bringing your family through hard times

       located in The Woodlands, TX

Anyone can live a healthy successful life despite trauma, with help from EMDR therapy and Brainspotting. Stephanie has helped numerous children work through these repressed emotions and in turn helped to change behavior.


Families increasing in size by opening their loving home to more children or blending them from other families need to seek help in making that transition as smooth as possible.

​Play Therapy?



Finding it hard to get your child to open up and talk? Play therapy allows children to communicate through the way they play causing them to work through deep emotion and fears.

Stephanie Walsh, MS, LPC, NCC
Located in The Woodlands
26205 Oak Ridge Dr,
The Woodlands, TX 77380
phone: 281-301-1843
fax: 281-292-2365
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